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A Guide on Baby Lotion Selection

A baby is a gift worth cherishing, and so you want to make sure you give them the best. The best thing you can give at this moment is outstanding care. Taking care of the baby’s skin is one issue that emerges at this juncture. Baby skin tends to be very sensitive to the elements due to its thin nature. Being the largest organ in the body, the skin is tasked with protecting the internals against exterior agents. Due to the thin nature of the baby’s skin, anything applied on their skin is easily absorbed into the bloodstream thus need for caution. Baby lotions now become a topic of discussion due to their ability to fight off skin irritation by keeping baby skin hydrated. However, this doesn’t mean you pick just any baby lotion out there in a bid to protect your baby. Here, you will get to learn all about baby lotion dos and don’ts.

First, look for a baby lotion that has ingredients with healing capabilities. Just because you are concerned about your baby’s skin sensitivity, you can’t just isolate them from life. They will be exposed to the elements, and in the process, as their skin adapts, they are bound to face a few skin issues. With this in mind, the baby lotion should deliver on therapeutic capability. Marigold is one constituent of the lotion you really need. It is hypoallergenic and hence is a good pick for the baby’s sensitive skin too.

The next issue is the liquids present. Water and other oils are the liquids we are talking about. Avoid baby lotions that contain water as an ingredient at this stage of childhood. This is because, if water is present then other fillers, chemical stabilisers and preservatives must also be present to keep the lotion in a stable state as water and oil don’t mix. The oils will work much better on their own in this case of babies. They provide extra moisture will also helping to relive itchy skin.

Equally, keep off baby lotions with like a million elements. The truth is, the fewer the ingredients, the better it is for you. You see, unless you are an expert of what each ingredient does, if you have too many, you will be exposing your baby to many unknown variables. A baby lotion that is excellent will not need plenty of elements for it to be functional.

Let us now talk about how the lotion makes the baby smell. Surely we desire the child to smell good but not to the extent that they feel like a perfume store. Look for baby lotions which are natural and toxin-free as their fragrance combo with the child’s natural smell will be generate something palatable.

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